Veteran Owned and Operated License to Carry school since 2011

Specializing in License To Carry certification and teaching all lawful Texans the proper techniques and handling of firearms.

    About Us

    Dedicated Professionals


    With over 50 years of Law Enforcement and Military experience combined between staff our goal is to educate and advance interested students in the understanding and use of weapons with confidence, accuracy, and precision regardless of age, sex, or race.

    Taking a unique approach to training


    A great combination of classroom theory, and "real feel" practice before tackling the range and the firearm proficiency exam. Our Male and Female Range Safety Officers (RSO's) specialize in helping students overcome any perceived agility and confidence issues so that your the most comfortable both in the classroom and at the range. 

    Our Mission


    We believe that the Second Amendment Right to self protection and defense of liberty should be granted to all those eligible including everyone of legal age, and those who are not violent criminals. 



    License To Carry (CHL) Certification

    In just the past eight years we've certified over a thousand lawful Texans to carry concealed firearms for the protection of themselves and their friends/ families.


    Home Defense/ Active Shooter Training

    The safety and security of your family, congregation, or business without regard to size are critically important. Our Active Shooter Training program is custom tailored to fit your needs and will provide much needed peace of mind.  


    CHL Refresher Course

    While it's no longer required to take subsequent CHL renewal classes Texas residents are required to complete Online Renewal with Texas DPS. Attending a refresher course with updated training on the most recent  laws and regulations is recommended before completing your CHL renewal online. 



    What's the first step to obtain a license to carry?

    First, verify that you meet the qualifications to apply for a License To Carry (CHL), see section GC 411.172 (Page 5). Then reserve your class using the "BOOK" button below. Bring your handgun of any caliber (above .22LR) and 50 rounds of ammunition.  Range fee is included.  Once you successfully complete the shooting proficiency test and the classroom portion, you will receive a "Certificate of Training" (LTC-100 Form).  After you have completed the application with DPS for a License To Carry, you mail or email it to the DPS LTC Division.

    So I took the class and received a certificate, now what?

    Complete your application for a License To Carry with the TX DPS either before or after you take the License To Carry Course.  Once you take the License To Carry course and receive your Certificate of Training, you have 365 days to fill out the application and submit your fingerprints to the DPS.   Apply online here:  Pay the application fee online using a debit or credit card.  Cost of the application fee is $40 for a regular citizen; $25 for Veterans; and $0 for current military and military discharged within the last 12 months.  The LTC is good for 5 years.  Renewals are done online.  The application can also be done by mail, by downloading the application and following the instructions on the DPS LTC website.

    Fingerprints? Who does that?

    Once you have completed the application to the DPS and have paid your application fee you will be cleared to make your reservation to get your fingerprinting done at a company called IDENTOGO. Here is the link to schedule your fingerprints:  IDENTOGO is the Texas DPS mandated fingerprinting company that does all of the fingerprinting for the Texas License To Carry Program.  You cannot get your fingerprints done at any other company.  You cannot transfer fingerprints you may have on file with the DPS to the LTC program.   The cost is $9.95 plus tax.  IDENTOGO will conveniently email your fingerprints directly to the DPS for you.

    ** After you make application with the DPS online and pay the application fee and mail or email your LTC-100 Certificate of Training Form to the DPS and complete your fingerprinting, you will normally receive your License To Carry in 60 days.  Please note that you cannot carry a weapon until you have received your License To Carry card and it is on your person when you carry.

    Can I bring any weapon to the range?

    Bring your handgun of any caliber (.22LR and above) and 50 rounds of ammunition. 

    Never shot a gun before?

    NO Problem, we have an eight year history of working with proficiencies of all levels. 

    What if I don't have a handgun?

    Patriot Shooting School's Instructor rents weapons for a fee and you'll have to buy ammo from the school. .

    FAQ'S Continued


    Is the range on the same property of the school?

    Not yet, construction is about to begin for an onsite shooting range. Currently range proficiency is conducted at a private range in Luling Texas. 

    Is there a dress code?

    For maximum safety we require close-toed shoes, a ball cap, eye & ear protection.  

    Do you offer private instruction or small group instruction?


    Do you offer bilingual classes?

    I'm glad you asked, yes we can accommodate Spanish speaking students.

    Anything else I should be aware of?


    What if I have additional questions not covered here?

    Call, email, or visit the Texas DPS LTC website. There's a list of 71 frequently asked questions that may or may not be covered here.

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    If  you have questions about our  programs, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible.

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